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Is to be at the forefront of the global pharmaceutical industries
in elevating the healthcare standards for all humanity


We dedicate ourselves to prove that Egypt can.
Acdima-Egypt is committed to a mission of improving the healthcare Services by identifying, developing and commercializing products that improve lives and deliver outstanding value.
Acdima will
    •    addressing diverse unmet medical needs through innovative Biosimilar & biotech pharmaceuticals either by local production or importation
    •      Be a market leader in carefully chosen healthcare fields.


To build our own Legend
•        Create benchmarks to demonstrate value
•        Publish information to support the industry
•        Adoption a marketing mindset
Going Global
•        Looking for international partners
•        Capitalize on international Opportunities
•        Opening new markets
Serve our communities
•         Elevate healthcare standards
•        provide the unmet demands
•        contributing to an active, modern lifestyle
Ensure value to the pharmaceutical industries

•  Acdima invests about 3.5 billion EGP (200 million US dollars) in all fields of pharmaceutical industries.

Affiliated Companies
Acdima has 19 affiliated companies, involved in several activities in the pharmaceutical field:



Pharmaceutical Production
Research & Development Company
Pharmaceutical Related Industries  
Trading Companies

Export Company
Pharmaceutical Production
Acdima produces more than 815 products under more than 35 therapeutic groups like :

Antibiotics /   antibacterial      
Analgesics / anti-rheumatics      
Blood   Substitutes & Blood Derivatives      
Central nervous system    
Cardiac and vascular tics          
Drugs for treatment of gout   
Endocrine system and systemic hormonal preparations      


Orodental and oropharyngeal   
Skeletal Muscle relaxants and Tranquilizers    
Vitamins & Multi vitamins          
Biosimilar Products      
Infant Milks      

Acdima community

Our community expands to include over 12,000 employees in a very well-balanced diversification working in its companies and their      branches spreading all over Egypt.
Acdima continuously donates in the healthcare activities.
Acdima is the main sponsor to an annual award to the best research in the applied pharmaceutical field

                       (8.3 billion EGP (470 million US dollars )
Market figures
    Total Egyptian Pharmaceutical market is about 60 Billion EGP ( 3.4 billion US    dollars)..
Acdima contributes about 20% of the units sold in the Egyptian Pharmaceutical  market
-    Acting as the strongest arm of the government in the pharmaceutical industries, Acdima managed to play a major role in securing the availability of high technology and essential pharmaceutical products, into the Egyptian market by local production and importing.
-    Acdima played the key role in supplying essential products to the Egyptian market    by its pharmaceutical companies as:
·      Human insulin.  
·       Intravenous antibiotics.
·       Virus C,B drugs.
·       Hormones & Endocrines & Contraceptives
·       Anesthesia.
·       Antibiotics sprays.
·       Infant milk.
·       I.V solutions.

In addition to the production activities Acdima dedicated two of its trading companies (ACDIMA INTERNATIONAL & ACMA-MED) to import some of the essential drugs, these two companies own an official importing licenses which enabled them to perform an outstanding job in securing the Egyptian need of these products through importation:
·       Cytotoxic Drugs.
·       Biosimilar Drugs
·       Long acting antibiotics.
·       X-Ray films.
·       Injectable Anesthesia.
·       Haemostatics & Coagulant / Anticoagulants
Our export

             We export our pharmaceutical products to 43 countries all over the  word.


Future Outlook

Expanding our Business
· we aim to expand our business     to the biosimilar products. This will be achieved by cooperation with the     highest reputable pharmaceutical        companies to introduce their products in     Egypt.
·  We are hoping to achieve this     through our affiliated companies Acdima international & Acmamed, which     did an outstanding job in securing the     Egyptian pharmaceutical needs.
·  We are looking to build a     long-term relationship with our partners, by acquiring the agency of their     products in Egypt.

We Can Offer
· Successful companies in the field of pharmaceutical importing holding all the necessary and official pharmaceutical importing licenses.
   · Skilled and experienced staff who enjoys a wide knowledge in:
-   pharmaceutical importing regulations, paperwork, and all the key success elements.
-   Knowledge of the types and methods of payment, dealing with banks, opening credits and  financing
-    The ability to manage business meetings with the supplier companies of any nationality
-     Full knowledge of shipping methods and choosing the most suitable and fastest routes.
-    Full knowledge of the technical evaluation of factories to determine the quality of the production and match  the requirements of good    manufacturing with the requirements of the Egyptian Ministry of Health
 Full financial and administrative support of Acdima which is one of the leading companies in Egypt which enjoys the full support of the Egyptian  government.
  Good relationship and communication with the Egyptian health authorities.
  Strong affiliated pharmaceutical production companies.
•   Acdima and its companies are the main supplier of the essential high-tech drugs either by production or importation.
•   Acdima and its companies have their own Storages and distribution channels along with some local  distribution agencies also.

City of Obour Industrial Area -Piece10- Block 12018
مدينة العبور-المنطقة الصناعية الاولى-قطعة 10-بلوك 12018

Tel : 44891698 - 44891699
Fax: 44891694
Email: acdima@acdima-egypt.com
info @acdima-egypt.com

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