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Chairman Messeage
Dears Shareholders
With the vision to be the leader in the region, we have focused on building and improving our business network in order to support our strategy and to heighten our investment capabilities in African countries. Moreover, we are supporting the Egyptian government’s policy according to the national strategic plan of cooperating the capabilities of public and private sector in order to strengthen the economy on the foundational level and by becoming one of the key performers in driving the improvement of Egyptian people’s living standards.
I feel honored to be able to witness the continuous efforts growth in all AFRIPHARMA business segments, especially in the medical sector as well as sales and marketing of pharmaceutical products to achieve our strategic goals in the coming years.
Throughout the last year I maintain the principles in conducting AFRIPHARMA business with honesty and transparency, whilst understanding its responsibility towards the society and improving the quality of life to our customers; leading to a sustainable development of the company. To us, even more important than delivering outstanding business performance, is the pride we can take from being able to deliver it in parallel with the benefits for the Egyptian society by the continuous efforts of AFRIPHARMA foundation in cooperation with Shareholders, Partners and various organizations to improve the strategic relationship with African communities throughout the nation through various activities and initiatives.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank our shareholders, customers, business partners, and other constituents who have supported AFRIPHARMA operations, as well as our board of directors and employees who have contributed their efforts and devoted themselves, enabling us to achieve our mutual goals.

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AFRIPHARMA shall be a formidable company in the healthcare industry providing a wide range of competitive quality products that will satisfy the ever changing needs of end-users.
AFRIPHARMA Commitment to meet the needs of the health sector operating in the International Arena.
AFRIPHARMA are committed in improving the quality of life by providing safe and cost-effective products to all levels of society.
AFRIPHARMA create an environment that promotes partnership with our customers & employees by continuously providing them our limitless efforts and services.

4a el fawala-Abdin


City of Obour Industrial Area -Piece10- Block 12018
مدينة العبور-المنطقة الصناعية الاولى-قطعة 10-بلوك 12018

Tel : 44891698 - 44891699
Fax: 44891694

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