Vision & Mission

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Vision & Mission

Is to be at the forefront of the global pharmaceutical industries
in elevating the healthcare standards for all humanity

We dedicate ourselves to prove that Egypt can.
Acdima-Egyptis committed to a mission of improving the healthcare Services by identifying, developing and commercializing products that improve lives and deliver outstanding value.
Acdima will
- addressing diverse unmet medical needs through innovative Biosimilar & biotech pharmaceuticals either by local      production or importation

-  Be a market leader in carefully chosen healthcare fields.

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City of Obour Industrial Area -Piece10- Block 12018
مدينة العبور-المنطقة الصناعية الاولى-قطعة 10-بلوك 12018

Tel : 44891698 - 44891699
Fax: 44891694

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