ACDIMA is coordinating and cooperating with the Ministry of Health and relevant authorities, such as the Egyptian Medicines Authority and the Unified Procurement Authority, in providing some strategic and essential medicines for the Egyptian patient, as well as medicines that have a noticeable shortage in the local medicine market, by producing some medicines similar to these deficiencies and doubling production quantities with import for others if non-manufacturing.

Hormonal drugs and contraceptives:

contraceptive drugs are currently being produced through Acdima International and Upper Egypt, with the aim of covering the needs of the Egyptian market as well as the needs of family planning at the Ministry of Health. It is intended that these preparations reach 100% coverage of government and market needs. These preparations are produced in the form of tablets and ampoules, and they are supplied to the Ministry of Health to cover its needs completely. They have also been put on the local market to fill the shortage of imported products, at prices to the public of up to 50% of the imported price.

Thyroid medications, cortisone medications, and dwarfism:

at prices lower than the imported ones, by 12% of the imported price, and they are produced in companies (Upper Egypt – Medical Professions – Sedico – Acdima International).

Baby’s milk:

where infant formula similar to mother’s milk and therapeutic milk is produced through – (Lacto Egypt) Company – to cover the needs of the Egyptian market, and the factory’s production has been increased through the company’s cooperation and participation with the National Service of the Armed Forces to meet the needs of the Ministry of Health of milk similar to Breast milk as well as therapeutic milk at prices significantly lower than the imported one.

Cortisone medicines for tumors and chronic diseases:

through Acdima International, where the local production of Adrenocortin, Demacortin and Calcitonium injections was manufactured and increased, which is the example of the importer to overcome the severe shortage of the importer in the Egyptian market at prices less than 50% of the importer.

Production of lyophilized products:

at Sedico Company, as well as ear, nose and throat sprays at Al-Muhann Pharmaceutical Company.

Carbol human insulin:

where the production of human insulin preceded the vial through the medical professions pharmaceutical companies and SEDICO, and the manufacturing rates were increased until the production of the two companies reached more than 80% of government needs, where the needs of the Ministry of Health were covered completely and part of the needs of the local market in addition to export. The factory completed the production of insulin in the form of carpels “cartridges” and injection pens for these carpels production company (Medical Professions).

Antibiotics and antifungal aerosols:

These preparations are produced by Acdima International and the medical professions for medicines to cover the needs of the Egyptian market, which were provided through imports.

Virus C drugs:

These drugs are produced by EPICO and the medical professions, and the provision of these types has been contributed to the initiatives of the Ministry of Health to treat virus C.

Vitamin D:

It was previously produced in the form of points by the Medical Professions Company for Pharmaceuticals, and it produced the rest of its various pharmaceutical forms and was put on the market (tablets with all its concentrations and ampoule) to completely eliminate the deficiency and the complaint of lack of availability, especially during the Corona pandemic.

Covid-19 protocol medicines:

Acdima and its companies have committed to providing all protocol preparations from the start of the pandemic to date, including vitamins of all kinds, necessary antibiotics and antivirals, as Acdima companies’ coverage of Covid 19 treatment protocols represents about 80% in addition to modern medicines for the treatment of critically ill patients from Coved, such as Remedcifer injection, epifluvir, and molinopravir, oral capsule (Eipico).

This is in addition to the production of intensive care and critical care medicines, some inhalation and injection anesthetics, heart and blood pressure medicines, dialysis, growth hormones, digestive and nervous systems, and single-dose eye drops. All essential medicines are included in presidential initiatives.