We Care

Stemming from our belief in the importance of corporate social responsibility and its importance in improving healthcare services to Egyptian patients and in cooperation with different governmental bodies, ACDIMA group has provided grants of about 320 Million EGP to different healthcare stakeholders within the last 2 years.

Corporate responsibility is endorsed and ingrained at the highest level of ACDIMA and its subsidiaries and is central to how we run our business.

Acdima Award

Research and Development is one of the main pillars to improve Egypt’s social and economical position, that’s why ACDIMA is focused on enhancing Egyptian research and development by providing our annual ACDIMA Award in science and applied pharmaceutical industry to winners.

ACDIMA grants to local healthcare bodies within the last 2 years include 301 Million EGP to The Egyptian Drug Support Fund, 15 Million EGP to the President Abdel Fattah El Sisi’s Act to Treat Virus C, 5 Million EGP to Nasser Institute, 5 Million EGP to treat patients on the national waiting lists as well as ACDIMA’s partnership with the Egyptian Ministry of Health in presenting an award of 200 Thousand EGP to the winner of the contest of redesigning medical resident’s rooms inside hospitals.

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