“ACDIMA” One of the Largest Pharmaceutical Holdings in the Middle East is Planning to Build a Plant in Kazakhstan

"ACDIMA" One of the Largest Pharmaceutical Holdings in the Middle East is Planning to Build a Plant in Kazakhstan

In Astana, a meeting took place between Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of JSC “NC “KAZAKH INVEST,” Zhandos Temirgali, and a delegation from the Egyptian holding company ACDIMA, headed by Chairman of the Board of Directors, Olfat Ghorab. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the project of constructing a pharmaceutical plant in Kazakhstan.

From the Egyptian side, the delegation included the Chairman of the Board of “EIPICO” company, Ahmed Kelani, Chairman of “MUP” company, Ahmed Lila, Chairman of “SEDICO Pharmaceuticals” company, Ali Ghamrawy, Chairman of “October Pharma” company, Hesham Abdel Aziz, and others.

During the meeting, the parties discussed Kazakhstan’s investment potential, measures of state support, and prospective directions to expand bilateral cooperation in the pharmaceutical sector. The Egyptian side expressed interest in establishing a large-scale pharmaceutical production facility within the territory of Kazakhstan. Several regions in Kazakhstan are being considered as potential locations for the project implementation. Furthermore, Egyptian investors are currently in the process of selecting a local partner.

Chairman of the Board of ACDIMA, Olfat Ghorab, noted that the company chose Kazakhstan for the establishment of their enterprise due to the favorable investment climate, convenient location, and access to the large markets of the Eurasian region. She emphasized the company’s awareness of the project’s social significance and highlighted their willingness to transfer technology and provide training for local staff, including through foreign internships.

Deputy Chairman of the Board of KAZAKH INVEST, Zhandos Temirgali, proposed the idea of opening a regional hub for the Egyptian company in Kazakhstan with subsequent exports to neighboring countries. He also emphasized significant opportunities for import substitution, given that the domestic pharmaceutical market of Kazakhstan amounts to approximately $2 billion, of which only 16% is produced within the country. Zhandos Temirgali added that the Egyptian company’s project holds special significance for strengthening bilateral economic relations between the countries, considering Kazakhstan’s strategic plans for the development of the pharmaceutical industry.