Group Business

ACDIMA is a value-based, R&D-driven Egyptian pharma group committed to bringing better health and a brighter future to people in Egypt & the region. Our group of companies covers diversified business solutions between world class pharmaceutical manufacturing, R&D, trading and integrated companies.

First: Production and Quality

The scope of production is covering the following products :

  • All different pharmaceuticals forms.
  • Extracts, effective substances, oils obtained from medical and aromatic herbs.
  • Packaging and packing materials.
  • Medical equipment and appliances.
  • Drugs for human and veterinary uses.
  • Strong cooperation with international industries for mutual benefits.

Second: Research and Development

Research and development are important goals of ACDIMA , attraction of a group of qualified personal , collaboration with the universities and scientific research centers nationally and international to carry out the necessary researches and studies to develop the existing industries , invent new products and effective substances.

Third: Marketing and Distribution

Marketing and distribution company’s products inside Egypt and region. And Exporting the surplus production all over the world.